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Anime Fan Still Doesn't Get Big O Season Finale

Self-described anime fan Nik Ronis admits that he is still perplexed about what was going on in season two of Big O.

"I watched the first season on Cartoon Network and really liked the Batman kind of feel to the show, and I really got into the mysterious direction the story was hinting at." said Ronis. "But when they aired the second season, I was kind of confused about what was going on. I mean, yeah, the robot fights were still cool, but I had no clue what they were fighting over."

Nik refers to the highly anticipated second season of Big O that aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim this past fall. "I like to think of myself as a intelligent guy who’s able to catch most symbolism. But I was rather clueless as to Big O’s meaning, if there was any at all.

"Of course, I thought I was starting to get it all, then that ending happened. I was thinking ‘Okay, they’re all in a giant stage, and this is like The Truman Show or that one godawful movie Dark City. But then out of nowhere Angel’s actually an angel, the city and everything is a giant hologram and might be a robot? Might not be? I’m confused. My head hurts."

Bystander Mike Parker butted in to try offering an explanation. "It is obvious that Mr. Ronis does not understand the deeper meaning behind the show, which is actually a political statement by the creators on the state of the anime industry in Japan. That ending was obviously a giant insult to the brilliant ending that was given to us true otaku in the classic series Neon Genesis Evangelion. The creators of Big O only wished they were as clever as Eva’s creators.

"This is obvious in the original Japanese dialogue, which you do not get due to the poor dubbing that the stupid America voice actors provide. You just cannot grasp the true essence of the show without hearing the original Japanese voice actor. Anyone who believes there more to Big O than it being a giant ripoff of Evangelion is truly of inferior intellect and I strongly..."

Ronis abruptly cut off Parker with a four-letter expletive and a hand gesture. Kenmei tried a rebuttal, but Ronis and this reporter drowned him out with a rousing chorus of Johnny Cash’s "When the Man Comes Around."

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