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Cartoon Network Shocker: It Still Airs Looney Tunes

A six-moth investigation conducted by Toon Zone staffers has uncovered shocking evidence that Cartoon Network still carries Looney Tunes on its schedule.

The Looney Tunes Show can be seen at 7:00am (ET/PT) on Saturday mornings. More amazingly, Cartoon Network's own website also carries graphic evidence that classic Warner Bros. cartoons from the thirties through the sixties can still be found on the network.

The startling revelation that Cartoon Network's schedule is not wholly dominated by Adult Swim, anime imports and Cartoon Cartoon originals has left observers questioning the network's commitment to exiling its old cartoons to Boomerang, its sister network that now reaches almost 18 households nationwide.

"Boomerang, a network that no one can get, is entirely premised on being a home for cartoons that people can't see," says Norville Rogers, media analyst at Slate, Cogswell & Quest, Inc. "The fact that Tom and Jerry are still on Cartoon Network is surprising enough. For Looney Tunes to still be there really makes me wonder."

Network executives reached for comment profess shock and promise to launch a full-scale internal investigation. "Honest, I thought we were airing a seventh showing of Dexter's Laboratory, or at least a test pattern, in that time slot," says president Jim Samples. "All I can say is, certain people around here are going to have anvils dropped on them."

Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons went further, saying that he was completely unaware that Looney Tunes were even part of the company's assets. "The late Harry Warner told me that the studio made Mickey Mouse cartoons."

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