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Organization of Concerned Parents Denounces Concerned Parents Organizations

Concerned that organizations of concerned parents are giving concerned parent organizations such as hers a bad image, the president of the Organization of Concerned Parents (OCP) said that her group would resign from the umbrella Organization of Concerned Parent Organizations (OCPO), of which it has been a member for fifteen years, and organize a new pressure group to combat out-of-control pressure groups.

"We believe that there are millions of parents out there who are concerned about what their children are watching, eating, playing and reading," said OCP president Jane Laffless in a Washington, D.C., press conference on Monday. "Our concern is that the organizations that bring these concerned parents together are themselves insufficiently concerned about the organized damage their organizations can do to parents when they suggest that organizations of concerned parents can replace the parents themselves where parenting is concerned.

"We need to concern ourselves with organized ways of alleviating parental concerns without intruding into parental areas that do not properly concern organizations such as ours.

"Concern, concern, concern," Laffless added in a thin, reedy voice while wearing a plaintive expression.

To that end, the OCP will reorganize itself as the Parents Concerned About Concerned Parents Organizations (PCACPO) and will invite other groups, including the Parents United in Concern (PUC), Concerned Parents Organized to Promote Concern (CPOPC), the Organization of Parents Expressing Concern (OPEC) and the Association of Parents with More Concern Than Sense (APMCTS) to join it in a new crusade against concerned parents organizations.

Reporters were too preoccupied with figuring out their own notes to ask questions of Laffless.

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